In the lands of the Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the world, the sandals of Karya Queen Ada and Artemisia of Halicarnassos, come to life with Manira Bodrum centuries later

Manira Bodrum, inspired by the blue waters of Bodrum and the civilizations for thousands of years, creating a new line of Bodrum sandals with high craftsmanship, natural materials, traditional handcrafts, design and creativity.

Manira Bodrum, which shares the modern line of today and modern line of the past together, salutes all the masters who have great efforts in the Bodrum sandals reaching daily, especially the great master Ali Güven.

Manira and fish, the universal power symbolizing life, youth, renewal and hope. A naive, emotional and romantic   feeling brings comfort and lightness. It refers to a calm but effective woman’s posture, which is silent.

Romance catches those who love to be flashy while reflecting passion and emotion, those who prefer energy and inspiration to their surroundings, preferring to be front-line with their spiritual world. Bodrum is calling for feelings of life …


Manira Bodrum sandals are all handmade by expert masters using a range of fine genuine leather and first class additional materials from all around the world by the help of women who are very talented and capable of traditional handcrafts as a craftsmanship.

Outsoles are made from fine leather and vegetally proccessed which adds luxiorus and premium build to the products.

In order to ensure stability, a thin layer of rubber is added on heels.

During the creation of Manira Bodrum sandals, maximum comfort for flat sandals are guarrranteed in addition to aesthetics.